Mode Locked Random Lasers in

The website LSWN has published on our research on "Intelligent Nano-(Random)-Lasers"

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Other links are given here. on Scale Free Optics (Italian)

Univ. of L'Aquila on Scale-Free Optics

Communication of the Press Office of the University of L'Aquila on the Scale-Free Optics,  January 2011
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Scale-Free Optics in CNR News



Scale-free Optics in and others

Il cristallo perfetto che non diffrange la luce (5 January 2011, in Italian)







The Quantum Web Research in the Corriere della Sera

The recent work on the quantum interpretation of the Page Rank equation has gained room in the Corriere della Sera.

La fisica dei quanti governa il web

Corriere della Sera, Gennaio 26, 2010, page 27



New Scientist on the Page Rank Equation

Search engines and quantum math, New Scientist, August 2008 on the Page-Rank equation paper.


The website of the Italian Research community has published some web-contents on the ERC funding of the Light and Complexity project and the others italian Starting Independent Research grants of INFM-CNR. The interview with Claudio Conti.


INFM News on ERC funded projects

Localized (Dis)cover

Our pictures of Anderson localization populated the cover of the October 2008 Nature Physics issue !