Irreversibility of Shock Waves Explained by Nonlinear Gamow Vectors

Editors of Physical Review A have retained among their suggestions a paper published by Silvia Gentilini, Maria Chiara Braidotti, Giulia Marcucci, Eugenio Del Re and Claudio Conti about a novel theoretical approach for the description of shock waves in nonlinear nonlocal media.

The novel theory is based on ideas retained from Irreversible Quantum Mechanics, a novel formulation of quantum mechanics based on the so-called Rigged Hilbert Space that include explonential decaying wavefuctions.

The theory describes the shock and wave-breaking scenario beyond the limits of the usual hydrodynamic approach, and allows to derive closed forms for the degree of irreversibility. This approach also introduces the "nonlinear Gamow Vectors," a novel kind of nonlinear waves with many possible applications in nonlinear physics.